CamDVR 2.6

Monitors several cameras signals, records video and detects motion
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CamDVR is intended to monitor several camera signals. In this regard, the tool allows recording video, taking snapshots, detecting motion and streaming camera signals over the web. The program supports configuring up to 11 input streams, which may come from practically any video source, including IP cameras, network cameras, capture cards, webcams, online streams, DVDs and even a virtual camera that is included for testing purposes.

Its interface looks quite outdated if you compare it with other programs of its type. Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out what to do next, as in the case of configuring motion detection. You can add cameras one by one, with the possibility to test their signals before actually including them in the set. Luckily, there are different sets that let you arrange camera signals in a convenient layout. Still, you cannot move the panels freely across the available space.

Streaming and recording video demand bandwidth and storage space respectively. So, it is good that you can minimize this impact by joining various cameras into a single signal. It is also convenient that you can configure the tool not to show or record all camera feeds, except when motion is detected. In this respect, its built-in motion detector supports various modes, such as image comparison and face detection.

In addition to streaming a signal in a motion-detection event, the tool can also be scheduled to record video from a specific camera at given hours. Likewise, it is possible to set it to automatically upload the resulting footage to an FTP server. Luckily, the program is compatible with various video formats.

Besides monitoring your camera feeds from the local tool, it is also possible to share their signals via a web interface. Although you can use authentication to prevent unauthorized access, it does not allow setting various access privileges, which means that anyone who knows the (only) password can access all the connected cameras.

All in all, CamDVR comes in handy when you need to monitor a whole network of cameras, mainly for surveillance purposes. Fortunately, there is a trial version, which has some limitations as to the number of cameras, video length and motion detector running time. However, that seems enough for a tryout.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple types of video source
  • Compatible with various video formats
  • Streams video signals over the web
  • Various motion-detection modes
  • Supports scheduling and recording
  • Joins various cameras into a single signal
  • Integrated email and FTP clients


  • Outdated interface and not very user friendly
  • Cannot resize or move panels freely
  • Does not allow setting different access privileges to the web signal
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